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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bed Races!

Riding in style on a chopper bed built for two Posted by Hello

As a prelude to the Homecoming game, Montana Tech's clubs and student groups hold the annual wacky bed races. As you'll see the students got especially creative this year.

Many of the racing beds consisted of mattresses with bicycle parts welded onto them. How are they powered, you may ask? Well, they start at the top of a hill, with as many people as they can get pushing them, and coast down, hopefully ending up in one piece at the bottom. Of course, this did not always happen.

Much like the cars in the old Tony Curtis-Jack Lemmon movie The Great Race, some of them failed to start, some fell apart halfway down the hill, some crashed into the other beds, and some, like the nursing student's hospital bed, did a Keystone Kops number.

The nursing bed had no steering mechanism, and began to veer dangerously toward the curb, the watching crowd, and worst of all, a local tv station's heavy tripod and video camera! All these blue-smocked arms began waving frantically, everyone screamed, and the camera woman was forced to jerk up her heavy tripod and camera and just run for it! Fortunately no one was injured.

Some of the guys in another bed began to bounce up and down on the mattress, and their trick worked, adding speed and crowning them the winners of their race.

A couple of the beds had their own parachutes, made of camping tarps and ropes, which unfurled dramatically at the bottom of the hill, helping to slow them down.

Even when the hour-long bed races were over, they really weren't quite over. I was walking home when I heard loud screams and a whooshing sound. It was 5 guys riding one of the winning beds straight down Park street, in the slow lane, right into traffic! Good thing the police weren't around. On the day of the Homecoming game I saw another bed being taken out for a downhill plunge.

I guess after all their hours of welding and ingenuity they didn't want the fun to be done with!

The nursing students had no steering. . . Posted by Hello

Down the street goes the teetering bunk bed. . . Posted by Hello

Future Halliburton employees' vehicle--a children's bunk bed! Posted by Hello

Future Halliburton employees (you know, the company Dick Cheney used to be CEO of) Posted by Hello

Pirates have more fun Posted by Hello

Pirates in paper hats ready to sail down the street on a mattress Posted by Hello

The nursing students' patient, along for the ride Posted by Hello

The nursing students' hospital bed, complete with IV drip Posted by Hello

Fancy bed with pink boa Posted by Hello

A hybrid bed and bicycle Posted by Hello

A One-Man racing bed! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Read on for the story's end. . . Posted by Hello

The Mouse II

As you read a couple of weeks ago, we temporarily outwitted the mouse by taping up the kitchen cabinet.

But then he returned. I opened a drawer in the kitchen and found a fun-size Baby Ruth candy bar open and half eaten. At first I thought maybe Mark had a snack attack in the middle of the night. Then I saw another candy bar with small round holes gnawed into the wrapper. He's BAAAAACK!

We decided not to put any snacks a mouse might like in that drawer, since obviously he was able to get into it from the basement.

Then a day or two later we smelled an unusual, unpleasant smell. Could it be dirty socks? We looked under the coffee table. Rotting food in the fridge?

I went off to the laundromat with stacks of laundry I hadn't been able to do while sick as a dog for a week with stomach flu. On my return, Markus had some sad news.

"I found the mouse dead under the couch cushion! He must've been crawling around in there, and I sat down on him and crunch!"

We both burst out laughing, then shivered. What a way to go, even for a mouse.

But we kept our vow--no traps, no poisons.

I'm still planning to keep the Halloween candy in a metal tin!

Friday, October 08, 2004


Ain't Fall Grand Posted by Hello

I'm celebrating the fact that today for the first time this week, I've experienced freedom. Freedom to walk outside and enjoy the fall colors, freedom to breathe fresh air, freedom to eat whatever I like. Am I Martha Stewart??? No.

I've had a horrible stomach flu all week, causing me to vomit every two hours for one day, and then disallowing me from normal activities like eating, staying awake, and concentrating on anything for more than five seconds!

Being very sick for a week makes me celebrate the fact that I'm not an elderly sick shut in, a person in prison, or a full time student.

Enjoy your freedom everyone and be well!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Fall into Fall! Posted by Hello

Ode to Harriet Carter

With the arrival of Fall comes a dose of wacky fun in the form of the Harriet Carter catalog. For those not familiar with this gem, which touts itself as offering "distinctive gifts since 1958", well, let’s just say it’s not the Sears-Roebuck wishbook.

Along with all kinds of semi-useless items "as seen on tv", such as the Batter Pro, basically a Tupperware type container with holes in it, so you can shake up your chicken in crumbs without soiling your dainty little hands (or brawny masculine hands as the case may be), there are some truly Dada, fascinatingly strange items.

For example, there’s the "Flameless Wax Candle." How could this be possible? You ask. As you read the caption, you discover it is flameless because it contains a battery operated light inside of it! To quote from Harriett herself, "enjoy the romantic glow of candlelight without the worry of a dangerous flame, messy melted wax, or irritating wind!" True, you won’t burn the house down, but doesn’t the idea of a light bulb inside the candle kind of detract from the romance?

Also in the romantic atmosphere line is the Plush "Bear Skin" Rug. This consists of a teddy bear which lies out flat on the floor, creating the atmosphere of a nursery, not a cabin with a fireplace!

Less romantic, but even wackier, is the "Toilet Golf "set, which lets you "practice your putting on the potty." For a mere $17.98 you get a carpet that looks like a putting green, balls and a putter.

There are "Farting Slippers" that break wind as you walk. A "Truck Alarm Clock" that looks and sounds like a big rig. (Somehow that doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to way up. . .)

On the supposedly practical side, there’s a "Gift Wrap Cutter" for $7.98 (myself, I always thought scissors were sufficient.) Or perhaps you need a" Long Reach Lotion" applicator, a gizmo with a long handle and "19 rotating balls on its surface." Instead of using high technology, I just make my husband rub lotion on my back, what about you?

Just who is this Harriet Carter, you may ask? I suspect she’s like Betty Crocker; an invented character who serves as mascot of this kookie company. Her "photo" looks suspiciously like a painting, and she herself looks to be about 40 years old. Wouldn’t she have to be a lot older if she’d started the company back in ‘58?

If you’ve never had the pleasure and amusement of browsing through Harriet’s catalogue, just go to www.harrietcarter.com

I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Hello Fall my good Friend

Welcome to Fall Posted by Hello

As I mentioned a mere week ago, we were having snow.

Well, the weather, (like Senator Kerry's positions, according to Bush) has flip-flopped.

It's been 70 degrees F all week, suddenly the trees are gloriously gold and red, the pea plants in our garden are springing up, and kids are out playing frisbee and eating ice cream cones again. I even put on shorts--and this after wearing wool gloves and hat last week.

Well, if we think we in Montana are confused, at least we're not in Florida.

A friend of mine flew to California to escape hurricane #3, then flew back home only to be met by #4.

We have the technology to control the temperature in our houses and cars, but we can't control the weather!

Much as we don't like to admit it, some things are bigger than us.