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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm Back in Black

Hello and Happy New Year. After a two month's absense, I am back in black. Why black you ask? Well, I am in mourning, but also celebrating new possiblities. In a nutshell, I split up with my fiancee and partner of 6 years and moved out on New Year's day.

Things had been going badly awry for over a year. I won't go into the gory details in public, but let's just say this change was not something I wanted, but something I had to do for my own sanity.

So now I am out on my own again. I am contemplating all kinds of possiblities, including of course finally finishing my 550 page fantasy novel and sending it out to the publishers. Yes, that book contains the unicorn quest for which this blog was titled.

I am thinking about dusting off my passport photo, brushing up on my Italian and French, and finally going to Europe, as I had originally intended right before September 11th struck. (This would not be right away, but maybe in a couple of years.)

While doing the research for that intended trip, I'd found out that because my grandma was born in Italy, if I were to reside in Italy for 2 years as a visitor, I would then be eligible for citizenship. And once I had citizenship, I'd be part of the European Union and able to travel freely or work in any Euro Union country.

So, here's my tip--check into it! If you have a near relative born in Europe, you may have your passport to living abroad!

I have been reading the blogs of two women who acquired French citizenship through marriage, Petit Anglais, and Vivienfrance. I will share their web addresses on a later post, but, let me add this further tip--while the US does not technically allow dual citizenship, many people have it, simply by not telling the US that they are also citizens of another country. For example, an old friend of mine was born in England, and also has US citizenship, thus giving him great travel freedom.

So, though I am sad and in mourning, I am also beginning to feel excited about my newly regained freedom.

My new place is over 100 years old, roomy, with big picture windows. I can see the mountains without stirring out of my chair. Also there's lots of room to spread out when I want to lay out pages I am revising, and lots of room for Gertie the cat to gallop around in.

Happy New Year Everyone!