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Sunday, May 29, 2005

New/Old Me Posted by Hello

Back in the Saddle

I hid out and licked my wounds in the winter, but now I'm back in the saddle again!

It was hard breaking up and moving out at Christmas, but now I'm actually enjoying my independence. Markus always loved my prematurely grey hair, but I was so ready to get it colored. Well, this month I did.

He never wanted to go anywhere unless it was to the Eagles' Lodge. Well, I've been out karaokeing and dancing again, and am having a blast.

And I'm outlining my next (hopefully last) draft of my novel. And a friend is getting ready to put me in touch with publishers who need freelance editors and proofreaders.

I've done some decent bike rides around town, and to the next town of Rocker. The other day I went screaming down some steep hills at possibly 40 miles an hour.

I'm starting to feel like myself again!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Leave it to Beaver Posted by Hello

TV Turnoff Week Results

I participated in National TV Turnoff Week last week. I felt that it was good timing. I'd been unemployed for a few months, and consequently was watching far too much junky tv (what else is there when you don't have cable and there are only two local channels?)

The result was, I read more, went for more and longer bike rides, and played with the cat more. My muscles are coming out of their winter hibernation,my brain is moving, and the cat is a lot happier. A good thing!

By some coincidence of the universe, this tv turnoff week also coincided with Eastern Orthodox Christianity's Holy Week! So I felt even better about not watching tv.

I could've turned it on yesterday, but I did not. I left the white paper taped over the screen, and the remote hidden.

I'm not going to watch again until I really feel like it--and then I am going to turn it off again as soon as the program I wanted to see is over.

I don't miss those commercial images floating through my head constantly. It's bad enough at work, where they have the radio on all day --a good thing, as music helps you work--however, it seems every five minutes there is an ad for Taco John's (a Montana-Wyoming version of fast food Mexican) and even in my dreams I hear the announcer's cry: "ride, Whiplash, ride!" (For those not having this commercial inflicted on them 1,000 times a day, Whiplash is a spider monkey dressed as a cowboy, riding on a dog. I kid you not.)

I seem a bit less frantic, less distracted. I think those constantly flashing ads do something to our sense of time.

Yes, I do think tv, like junk food, is ok in small doses--but don't make a daily all-you-can-eat buffet out of it!