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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Get out of Town!

The other night I started out on a short after dinner joyride, and decided to just keep going.

Keep in mind the facts that a)my bicycle needs a tune-up badly, b)I was out without tools, a patch kit, water, or money and c)the sun was low on the horizon.

I had just spent 8 hours helping two friends move
from a basement apartment to an upstairs apartment in the same building, which sounds like a piece of cake, but it wasn’t. They are both teachers, and own a ton of books. They are newlyweds, and own a lot of appliances and fancy food serving platters. Last and worst, they inherited some extremely heavy hundred-year-old furniture, worthy of the “Antiques Road Show”.

I have not been really, truly out of town on my bike since two summers ago, when I still had my camping gear, and my partner who knows how to fix things! So, the other night I was taking a real risk, knowing full well I might be hiking miles back to town.
It was worth it.

I rode past the airport, past the RV repair places, one of which my sweetie works at by day, past the BLM offices. Pretty soon the road narrowed to two lanes. One of the roads turned to dirt, and a sign announced “road ends in five miles; no truck turnaround.” I took the other road.

Before long I was back in the enchanted land of rolling green hills, tumbledown wooden barns, and cows. Every half hour or so I’d see a pickup truck, but other than that, there was no traffic. The downhill climbs were steep enough to propel me to the tops of the next hills.

I got off the bike for a moment and looked back. I could see Butte in the distance, like the Emerald City, and a toy plane landing. Seeing Butte tiny and off in the distance made me happy.

I came to a crossroad sign which warned “school bus stop ahead.” The sun was beginning to set, and it was time for me to turn around. Of course my gears locked up on a down hill, and I had to pop the chain back into place, leaving me with black grease all over my fingers.

It was wonderful to get a taste of the open road again!


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