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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Recent Bicycle Adventures

At this moment in time I am working a very stressful, unsatisfying job, just so I can collect a paycheck and pay bills. My solution to this stress problem is not beer, chocolate or robbing banks.

The last couple weekends I've been hopping on my bicycle, bigtime.

I was riding in the Deer Lodge National Forest a couple weeks ago when I came upon a female moose, chewing avidly on a bush. I turned my head and saw a baby moose standing beside her, regarding me soulfully, as if to say "what are you?" I got off the bike and stared, having never seen a real live moose before, let alone two. Their fur was wonderfully velvety and chocolatey brown. Momma moose suddenly stopped chewing and began giving me the evil eye.

Visions of all those "When Animals Attack" shows began flashing through my head, and I got back on the bike and took off at top speed.

I told this story to several native Montanans and they all said I'd been smart to leave in a hurry. "Some old guy got mauled by a mother moose," my 19 year old co-worker Brandi shared. "Those female mooses can be vicious. You did the right thing," Adrian said.

The next weekend I decided to go over Pipestone pass, and then turn around and coast down. But the weather was so lovely, like fall, the roads so quiet, and the forest so enticing, that I ended up riding 40 miles round trip, halfway to Whitehall, and almost didn't make it back to Butte before sundown! The road will do that to you--it hypnotizes you, so that you just want to keep going. It took me 2 hours to go 7 miles up the steep grade back towards town, and then a mere 20 minutes to coast all the way down, at probably 40 miles an hour. It's exhilarating to be going as fast as a motorized vehicle on a bicycle!

This trip I saw two young male deer with short horns, with the velvet still on them. I was alerted to their presence by the thunk of their hooves on the rocks. On the edge of the forest I saw three very young deer, with orange-brown hides, wide innocent eyes, and white spots on their backs.

Last night I said to Adrian, "don't forget--find out what I need to do to get a hunting license--do I need a Montana i.d. card???"

Yes, I'm still coasting on my Oregon i.d. Maybe it's time to switch.


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