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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Don't Come Knockin' Update

Don't Come Knockin', the movie that I participated in as an extra back in the summer of 04, the movie shot here in Butte Montana, starring Sam Shepard and Jessica Lang, finally premiered in Butte. I was unable to go as I had to attend a funeral, but have heard that director Wim Wenders had some sad news: "I will have to dissapoint some 30 ladies in Butte--the beauty convention scenes have been cut. They will be on the DVD in the director's cut, though."

Rats! I and the other girl extras will just have to wait for the DVD.

Of course I went to see the movie anyway. Even if I hadn't been in it, just the fact that it was made in Butte, my adopted town, and by Wim Wenders too, whose movie Wings of Desire is one of my all time favorites, dictated that I'd be seeing it for sure.

And I was not disappointed. The beginning of the movie takes place on a movie set, and is very humorously sarcastic about the film biz. Fully half of the movie takes place in Butte, and everyone here in town agrees the cinematography is excellent, and that Wenders has captured the atmosphere of Butte perfectly. There's even an appearance by the famed mirrored car--look for it.

The story itself is simple and spare, like a short story.
A Western star leaves his movie set abruptly and discovers he has a son he never knew about. He comes to Butte, where he'd had an affair with a woman many years ago, to meet with her and the son he never realized existed.

The Butte setting is perfect for evoking the lonely feeling inherent in the story, and the impression of missed opportunities.

I urge all my friends, relatives and acquaintances to go see this movie and see why I moved to Butte, and why German director Wenders calls it his "favorite city in America."

An added plus for me was the punky music, reminiscent of the Nick Cave songs on the soundtrack of Wings of Desire.

In one scene a stray dog befriends Shepard's character,
and at the screening I attended an audience member shouted out "that's Butte!" It's true--stray dogs are notorious for roaming our streets at will, sometimes in packs. It was obvious to me that Wenders has visited Butte multiple times. He said in an interview that it reminded him of his hometown in Germany, also a small mining town.

Again, for those who missed my posts on the filming itself and my experience as an extra, check out the July August and Sept 2004 posts. There are also some posts on Evel Kneivel days under summer of 04. March of 05 contains posts on Butte's infamous St Patrick's Day celebration, which I hear is now listed as one of the top St Pat's Days in the country.

Go see the movie, and feel free to comment here on how you liked it!


  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger dolphinZed said…

    Well, what great news!
    Your town show-cased and a fun experience...
    Good for you

  • At 6:13 AM, Blogger Sal Ober said…

    hi! could you add a tool to translate your blog? thank you
    see you
    greatings from Portugal



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